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Schools are using the GLOW platform for emailing pupils and also to upload coursework to various Google classrooms set up by the teachers. It's up to the children to login whenever they want, see what's been posted, do some work, upload it if required. The GLOW platform also has access to Microsoft 365 - this includes Microsoft Teams, Yammer etc. This has video calls, audio calls, online discussions etc. This is only being used by staff in schools. As a parent who is now working from home full-time (and using all of these tools), I can state with confidence that it is NOT possible to home school effectively. It is a massive ask of children to have the self-discipline to maintain any sort of timetable and work independently. My daughters are not being educated properly AT ALL. They are pulling the work from Google classrooms occasionally, and are submitting it, but that is it. I am completely baffled why schools are not using video to run online classes, when they already have the technology. Children in other countries are being educated this way - and it's compulsory for them to have their webcam on so the teacher can see them. In other words, they have to be present, they have a routine, they stick to a timetable. I've heard 2 arguments against this: 1) safe-guarding Private schools in Scotland are using video; so is safe-guarding not an issue in the private sector? Or in other countries? 2) not all children have access to the technology This isn't stopping schools using Google classroom or GLOW or Twitter or email to communicate with pupils and their families. AND Give them the technology. I know that some councils are gathering information on the needs in their area. However, if this is simply to provide children with laptops and 4G dongles, so that they can access Google classrooms, it won't be enough. They need to see their teachers in front of them and they need to be made to be present.

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Relying on children to self-educate via online access to materials is failing. We send them to school so that they are educated - it is a primarily a PUSH activity. Home learning as it is currently set up is a PULL activity, and it is not working. Let's use the technology they already have access to, and get their teachers in front of them. Let's help our children utilise these tools and get as much education as they can in these difficult times.

by Mumof3 on May 05, 2020 at 01:46PM

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  • Posted by consult1 May 05, 2020 at 14:00

    Agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment. There is an easy solution to the question should we /should we not open schools. The answer for now is for teachers to get back to teaching but virtually, using Microsoft Teams. for disadvantaged children, (those on school meals or in care) provide a laptop and broadband. This has the added benefit of children also being able to connect again with their schoolfriends, which I know for many young ones is a real issue, with lots of tears. young people are used to connecting digitally, this is a simple solution which would solve the issue now.
  • Posted by wendrew93 May 05, 2020 at 14:04

    Children aren't meant to be self educating. They are to be supported by their parents, as they would be supported in school. However much a parent can support theit children is at the discretion of the parent, for example if you have been bereaved during this you are unlikely to be in a good place mentally. Most schools are giving revision work for this very reason. Can you imagine if a teacher said the children were self educating, there would be uproar. Also the expectation that teachers are providing videos for their pupils us ludicrous. Again what if the teacher had been bereaved or does that not matter. You need to take into account individual circumstances for everyone.
  • Posted by sy278 May 05, 2020 at 14:16

    Fully agree with this. Video conferencing and online classes, using Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx or whatever needs to happen and needs to happen now. The kids need to see their friends and their teachers. Also the teachers need to see them to be able to assess certain things properly. I have already taken to sending them videos via Google Drive in GLOW of my daughter doing her reading. The teachers themselves have commented how useful this has been and have asked some other parents to do the same.
  • Posted by Ian68 May 05, 2020 at 14:23

    Very much agree with using video streaming/webinars being part of a blended learning approach. It would work well in providing teacher and fellow pupil interaction and learning. Afterall pupils are used to this interaction in their learning to date. This would be particularly useful for pupils in S3 and above as they work towards their qualifications in 2021.
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