My views is that schools/nurseries, when safe to do so should return on phased system prioritising those children transitioning or requiring coursework or assistance to achieve grades. I favour the idea of staggered classes being in schools at any one time however this needs carefully balanced with those parents who perhaps work and won’t have child care depending on days children are at school. I appreciate this is likely to be an unfavourable opinion but i think what would have been summer holidays should be used to start children returning given how long they have already been off and how much They will have missed-I am not suggesting the whole summer but earlier than 18/8. My view is mass gatherings such as weddings etc should be limited to low numbers given the likelihood that these events are believed to be super spreaders. Travel should be very limited to all but essential for many months to come and those entering uk should be quarantined for 14 days as mandatory requirement or at very least tested immediately. Businesses should be allowed to stagger employees work times my personal view is shift work is preferable especially for those businesses where they never used this method for their workforce but consideration needs to be given to the employment law impact for example if you have two members of staff full time in an office that can’t allow social distancing how can they still work full time on shift work? Courts-no hearings taking place this is not practical and every effort should be made for virtual hearings being organised in this modern day with facilities such as zoom or vscene why is nothing moving? Parents not seeing their children, basic cases not being finalised or progressed, children in care in limbo often with Children’s Hearing proceedings being delayed for lengthy periods of time. The Scottish courts could be doing more just now to progress cases and using technology to do so. Outdoor exercise should be increased given it benefits I think this should be limited to immediate family/household. Those shielding that are vulnerable should not be prejudiced in any way ie nurses due to qualify but are now being told they can’t as they have not completed placements due to their health conditions-why are there no special provisions for this?

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We need to balance public health along with getting the country up and running , trying to get some normality for our young people, improving people’s mental health with exercise. My view on the court system is obviously personal but we do need to progress this to preserve fairness and equality for all.

by Babsy2020 on May 05, 2020 at 09:02PM

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