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The insight you provided here fed into a series of workshops discussing each theme in more detail. The reports from these workshops can be read here: Scotland Open Government National Action Plan 2021 (

We want to hear your views on how the values of openness, transparency, accountability, and involving people in decisions that affect them should be applied to the Scottish Government’s work over the next four years.

These values are core to membership of Open Government Partnership [OGP], an international organisation which Scotland has been a member of since 2016. We’ve delivered two Action Plans, and are now working with Civil Society to design our third Action Plan.

Our themes

We’ve reviewed recent public engagement exercises to understand what’s important to people in Scotland as we emerge from the public health emergency of the last year. Using this evidence, alongside the Scottish Government’s Renewal priorities, we’ve identified five themes which appeared repeatedly - we think these may form the main themes of our next Open Government Action Plan.

These are:

  • Participation in decision making. How can people get involved in decisions which will affect them?
  • Data and technology. These are everywhere in our lives - how do we ensure data is accessible and its use accountable?
  • Financial Transparency. It’s important that people are able to see how public money comes in and goes out, and what impact spending has.
  • Health and Social Care. There are big changes planned for Health and Social Care over the next few years. How can we make it easier for people to understand and get involved in changes?
  • Climate Change. How can we enable and support people to understand and get involved in climate change action?

You can read more detail about these themes in our recent blog.

Our ask of you:

We want to hear your ideas about what “good” might look like for each of these themes, to help us decide what to put in our next Open Government Action Plan

Think about Open Government as improving “how government works” – the aim is that we are all able to understand the work of government, to influence it effectively and be able to hold government to account.

What would you want to see us doing in each of these areas in order for that to happen? Share your ideas below!

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