Families with kids must allowed space

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I believe that the most painful thing about this lockdown is the wee kids. It is not that easy to tell them that we are living under lockdown and you are not allowed to go out. My little 30 months old boy is speaking during his sleep saying “playground”. It should be mentioned that not all families are licensed not in a spacious houses or flats or have gardens to play in. I feel it is the utmost important point is to give families more space. Allowing the self-catering holidays and aibnbs. Kids want to run to play with water, this is something we have been promising them to get since last October. We need this as parents to save what left in our mental health capacities. Much appreciated

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1. Opening parks and playgrounds. 2. Allowing families to book Airbnb and local self catering holidays locally. 3. Allow family gatherings for the sake of kids. Could be less than 10 but this will give them a bit of a space.

by Balassoud on May 06, 2020 at 05:34PM

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