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Most people are adhering to this and it is working but I fear that our teenagers are not getting the message. High numbers of them are disregarding the guidance and this is making it more challenging to get younger children who see this to adhere. I think we need to ensure that they are taken home when they gather in parks etc and their parents need to be reminded of their duty to ensure that they know where their child / young person is at all times.

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We need to keep the number of death and cases of infection as low as possible to slow the rate of this disease. We know how it is passed and most people have accepted that they have a part to play in stopping its spread and ultimately saving lives. Our young people have a part to play in this and have to act with responsibility - I appreciate that the majority are but high numbers are not. If we are to move forward building in communities that have emerged as a result of this epidemic then they must come with us.

by FranAnne on May 06, 2020 at 05:57PM

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