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Scotland is facing difficult decisions about using digital options to maintain, provide and improve services. 

The aim of this conversation is to inform what principles and frameworks might look like to guide how Scotland can develop as an Ethical Digital Nation.

We are examining issues around culture, trust and technology which considers the impact on people and society and aims to encourage a fair and responsible digital society. Our focus for this conversation is trust in the use of information. 

We invite individuals, businesses and organisations to engage in this conversation to help us take the next steps to shape Scotland as an Ethical Digital Nation.

As an individual 

We want your views on how information about you is collected and used by public, private and third sector organisations.  

As an organisation or business 

We want your views on how the data collected about individuals, service users, consumers or employees, is used and its value.

How to take part

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This has been extended and will close at 4pm on 23 December 2020.

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