The way we use and generate energy will continue to transform in the coming years, affecting our jobs, the way we live and the way we do business. This transformation can be an opportunity to build a wealthier, healthier and fairer Scotland, as well as helping us to meet our ambitious commitments to tackle climate change. 

Later this year, a refreshed Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan will be published in draft. This will provide a whole-system vision and route map for Scotland’s future energy system. It will look at how individual parts of the energy system – energy generation, distribution and demand - fit together and interact with one another. 

We want to ensure that the energy system of the future works for all of Scotland’s people and that everyone has a chance to have their say on the priorities and where we most need to see action.

Our plans follow the National Just Transition Planning Framework. This aims to build agreement among those likely to be impacted by the energy transition – including citizens, places, businesses and workers. It should also help to identify ways to maximise or create opportunities for a fairer, greener Scotland, and minimise or reduce risks – for example, of costs falling on those with the least ability to pay.

Our ask of you:

We want to ensure that the energy transition reflects the needs of people across Scotland, and leaves no one behind.  Please share your views with us, with the list of questions below provided as a guide to our key areas of interest:

  1. How can the energy transition contribute towards our vision for a wellbeing economy, with health, equity, fair work and sustainability at its heart?
  2. How can we promote accessibility to 'green' jobs and ensure that our workforce is equipped with the necessary skills?
  3. How can we protect, empower and strengthen communities as part of the transition?
  4. What specific steps can be taken to ensure that the energy transition is fair and just?

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The challenge will be open for responses until 5pm on Monday 12th September (extended from original deadline of 5th September 2022).

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